The King Brown - Beer Gauge

Tally Stubby Holder

Love a Tally? Then you will love our longneck Beer Gauge!! Slides perfectly over your tally to keep your beer refreshingly cool.

Whether you call it a longneck, tally, king brown, largie, or even a largola - it's still all the same and our newly released King Brown is for you.

Perfect gift for anyone that enjoys a refreshing tall bottle of icy cold beer.

Cheers mate.

Premium stubby holder, 5mm neoprene, high quality zip-up

King’s Brown by The Beer Gauge is the perfect tally stubby holder for folks who love fresh, chilled beer. Keeping a beer cold enough outside the freezer is a hassle that one can do without. And this is where the King's Brown comes especially in handy. This Long neck stubby holder would not only keep the beer chilled for an extended period, but it is also almost effortless for one to operate as well.

If you know someone who just loves to have a good time with chilled beers every now and then, this beer bottle stubby holder will make for a perfect gift for the individual in question. Do not think for a second more, and place an order for The Beer Gauge King’s Brown today, available at affordable prices! We ensure you will have a great time when you sip the chilled beer. Let’s cheer to the moments. 

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