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King Brown Bonus 4 Pack - Free shipping

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4 Pack Beer Holder

Love a Tally? Then you will love our longneck Beer Gauge!! Slides perfectly over your tally to keep your beer refreshingly cool.

Whether you call it a longneck, tally, king brown, largie, or even a largola - it's still all the same and our newly released King Brown is for you.

Perfect gift for anyone that enjoys a refreshing tall bottle of icy cold beer.

Cheers mate.

Premium stubby holder, 5mm neoprene, high quality zip-up

Who does not love the taste of fresh, chilled beer? There would hardly be anyone that would say no to that. But an issue that is quite common with beers is that they get warm after a while, especially on a hot sunny day. No one likes their beer to be fresh. Well, this is where The Beer Gauge’s King’s Brown Beer becomes useful. Not only does it slide over the beer without any trouble, but it is also available at affordable prices. So, what are you waiting for? Place an order for our 4 Pack beer holder combo containing King Brown bonus 4 Pack, and enjoy your chilled beer without any trouble. And if you have any queries about our offering, do not hesitate to connect with us anytime at your convenience. You can order beer online and get it delivered to your doorstep in no time.