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Beer snorkel: the hero of every beach party

March 06, 2023 3 min read

Experiences at the beach may strengthen bonds between friends and families. Beach parties are after all thrilling and enjoyable, with lots of food and beverages. Of course, playing various activities, such as snorkelling games, is one special aspect that makes beach parties more memorable. Hence, snorkel drinking accessories are frequently regarded as the highlight of every beach party. Because it is the ideal item for every beer lover and serves dual purposes, the Beer Gauge is the greatest stubby holder in Australia.

Following are the ideas for making beach party fun:

  1. Play Beer Pong

A popular drinking game at beach parties is beer pong. With this, it won't be difficult to maintain a jovial atmosphere all day and night.

Depending on the number of participants, prepare a beer pong set with the appropriate number of cups. The objective for each player is to get the ball into any cup belonging to the opposite team.

  • Make two two-person teams.
  • Table tennis balls are tossed by the first team into the second team's beer pong cups and the other way around.
  • A ball that enters a cup is removed from the cluster.
  • The opponent downs the cup's contents.

If both team members hit cups, the tennis balls are pushed back and they receive another chance to fire.

  1. Game of Stacking Beer Cups

Also, may utilize beer pong cups for activities like cup stacking. You may play this game to see who has the best cup stacking abilities at the next beach party, depending on the number of cups having accessible and the number of participants. Playing this game either independently or in groups is enjoyable for both young and senior players.

This is a fun cup stacking "minute to win it" game for everyone to enjoy:

  • Stack the cups to form a pyramidal arrangement (six cups for the first or bottom layer, five for the second layer, four for the third, two for the fourth, and one for the topmost layer).
  • Take the top cup once you've built a pyramid, then the cups from each row, and so on until all of the cups are on the ground. The process is repeated by the following player until it is complete.
  1. The challenge of the Beer Bottle Game

The beach parties will be more exciting if having a beer bottle game competition. 10 identically sized unopened beer bottles and a bottle opener are required.

  • Create two teams out of the group, each with five people.
  • Each team member should crack open and finish one bottle of beer.
  • Once the first player is done, the second performs the same thing, and so on until all players have finished.
  • The winning team is the first to complete all five bottles of beer from top to bottom.

Further Snorkelling Games

In addition to beer and other alcoholic beverages, person can choose soda, juice, or other enjoyable beverages. Also could wish to add a new element to the snorkelling games by integrating fast-food items like fries or burgers.

If you and your friends play numerous rounds of the beer timer scuba game, snorkel game, and cup stacking game, among many others, the beach parties will be filled with yells and laughing. Beer pong cups and snorkel drinking gadgets are readily accessible online and may be used for such activities.

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