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April 11, 2022 2 min read

A good drink is best enjoyed in a good glass. However, what if the glass gets too childish even to hold it? Yes, that's what happens with regular glasses. Whether you go out in a pub or take a drink at home, holding a glass for long becomes tough. The glass's cold surface directly touches your skin and makes you uncomfortable. That's why Stubby Holder comes as the best solution for the issue. However, the enormous options in the market make it challenging to select the right one. So please take a look at the 5 most popular stubby holders that we have found in our research. 

Schooner Glass Stubby Holder - Beer Gauge

Whether you want to market your brand or want a happy evening for yourself, try Schooner Glass Stubby Holder! It comes with a fantastic design and robust material fit. The sturdy material built of the glass provides a long-life span. You can also carry it to the pub and solve the issue of chilled glasses. Finally, you can give it to your friends, family members, colleagues, etc. The Schooner Glass Stubby Holder has a price range of $16.50. 

The Girlie Gauge Stubby Holder

Girlie Gauge Stubby Holder

The latest design collection of stubby holders has a fresh touch and innovation. It is specially designed for our beauties out there. It is suitable for accommodating cruiser size bottles. So get your hands warm and drink cold with The Girlie Gauge Stubby Holder. The holder is suitable for 275 ml bottles and beer bottles, and ciders. It is composed of 5 mm neoprene. 

Splendour in the Grass Beer Gauge

It is one of the limited-edition stubby holders which presents outstanding quality and functionality. The size is similar to a regular Beer Gauge; however, it doesn't come with a button. Nevertheless, it makes it easy to use. It is also a multi-use entity. You can wear it as a bracelet when not in use. Later you can use it as a fantastic Stubby holder. It is suitable for carrying bottles of around 355 ml to 375 ml. 

The Ultimate Pack of Stubby Holder

If you are looking for a colossal budget-saving deal, then try the Ultimate Stubby Holder pack. It comes with a combination of different stubby holders. It includes one dispenser (stubby holder), one beer gauge, one Stubby holder for a Schooner glass of beer, one beer gauge (longneck), and only the beer mask can be removed. On top of that, the deal comes with a free shipping offer, and all this is just $120.

The Beer Gauge- Australia's Favourite Stubby Holder 

It is one of the best stubby holders in Australia. It helps in keeping your beer cool and safeguarding your hands. It can also become an excellent gift for your friends, family and loved ones. It is made of neoprene material with a capacity of 355 ml to 375 ml. It can come in hot pink and also in original beer design. 


These top 5 most popular stubby holders offer one of the most functional and trendy utilities. You can carry them with you quickly. They are lightweight and sturdy to last long.

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