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February 04, 2022 3 min read 1 Comment

Masks have become an unavoidable part of today's new normal as restaurants, malls, and theme parks reopen across many parts of the world. However, covering your nose and mouth in this summer heat is difficult, especially when it means you can't drink liquid or just about anything else. Using a drinking mask can help you in this situation. A small hole with a removable cover or a zippered mouth section in a drinking mask allows you to eat or drink without taking it off. That's not all; scroll down to see some of the most inventive drinking masks available on the market.

Fun With Flowers

Such stylish versions should be able to keep up with your current designer face mask collection if you want a drinking face mask that blends in flawlessly. Many such floral masks have a nose cable for a tight fit, a filter pocket, and a velcro flap to keep the drinking straw hole closed.

Face Mask Customized

Face Mask Customized

Interestingly, if you want to stand out in a sea of monotonous surgical masks with a drinking hole, you can now order a custom face mask. You can personalize the mask with your name and choose whether or not to include a drinking hole. These could make a lovely wedding party present.

Mask With a Panda

When you're a fan of cuddly pandas, this adorable drinking face mask is right up your alley. However, if they are not your favourite animal, you can select from other designs such as tennis balls, Festive occasions, or holographic for a more flashy look.

Face Mask With Tie Dye

Equip your entire family, from children to adults, with one of these straw-opening face masks. There are more fabric options than you could ever want, so if you want options, this professional seller will provide them with ease.

Ornate Style

This is perhaps the mask for you if you want an artistic drinking face mask that is also discreet. Because the hole is cleverly hidden by the pleated design, you won't have to deal with any metal grommets, which could make your mask heavier.

Drinking Mask Sentmoon

Drinking Mask Sentmoon

Drink a quick swig of water through the grommet hole to avoid having to take off your mask. To make drinking face masks as enjoyable as possible, select from a variety of bright floral prints.

Face Mask With Lemon

Combine such a sweet face mask with a straw to your routine so you can drink that sweet lemon water without having to remove your mask. You can personalize it with your monogram to make it extra special.

Straw Mask With Butterflies

With this smart and comfortable face mask, fashion meets function. Simply lift the flap and attach your straw to stay hydrated without removing your mask. The hole will be covered once you're finished, allowing you to continue protecting others. For a secure fit, it also has ergonomic ear loops.

Zippered Face Mask

This zippered face mask will come in handy if you're a snacker. More so than a straw-holed face mask, this one has a bit more space for treats. Simply zip it up when you're finished, and you'll be safe.

Funny Beer Mask

Funny Beer Mask

This is a triple-layered funny beer holder mask and very convenient with the bonus of making people around you laugh. Add this to your outfit and you'll be able to make people smile wherever you go with ease. The "Will Only Remove for Beer" face mask will lift the spirits of those around you while signaling to others that you're ready for a drink or two.

Humourous Coffee Face Mask

Humourous Coffee Face Mask

Nothing beats the first sip of coffee you take while commuting to work in the morning. If you enjoy coffee, the "will only remove for coffee" face mask is the best choice for you. It not only communicates to others that you will not speak until you've had your coffee, but it also keeps you safe and secure at all times.​​

Funny wine face mask

Funny wine face mask

Many people around the world enjoy wine, but only a few are truly enamoured with it. If you enjoy a glass of wine now and then, the funny wine face mask with the phrase "Will Only Remove for Wine" on it is for you. This amusing face mask will brighten everyone's day while protecting you from viruses and infections.

The beer gauge can easily provide you with the best drinking masks while also ensuring that your experience with their services is smooth and reliable.

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